The Left Thinks Wilson's Finger Was a Weapon

The Left thinks Wilson’s finger was a weapon and from now on
shaking of the finger should be banned. Many of the democrats
reported that they wet their pants and dove under their desk
because Joe Wilson actually raised his voice to the point that
it raised the Homeland Security alert level to RED. Several
ambulances were called in to administer oxygen to house members
that suffered hyper ventilation and loss of bodily functions.

If you think the above is silly… read this…

I wish Joe would scream the word BANG next time… LOL.:mrgreen:

BTW… the police report that there were ZERO arrest at the
massive march in Washington DC on 9/12 (and the crowed
was very clean and left very little trash). The mobs seem
to have learned good house keeping. Wow.

Also… people on the left did not bite off the fingers of any
of the protesters, so all in all, it was a good day. :slight_smile:

Nancy Pelosi response was reported to be so sanctimonious
that she received several calls from the Vatican to see if
she wanted to apply for the position of POPE. This was
after she issued further condemnation of Wilson and ordered
him to crawl on his knees all the way up Congress Ave.

At last check, Joe Wilson has raised over a million dollars
and the more Nancy screams, the more Joe’s phone keeps
ringing off the hook…:slight_smile: Joe was last seen practicing for
the next session with a new high powered megaphone.

When Wilson yelled at the President I actually saw the Speaker of the House’s face move!!! :shock:

Ouch… you know that had to hurt. :mrgreen:

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