The logo design desk

This is how the logo designs start and the final product.

Marketing contact:

Don’t try this at home folks.

Check out these inspection business logos:

Here is the other sketch on the desk.

That is really cool.

Agreed. Looks pretty dangerous.

Levi, do you free-hand the original?

Hey Frank,

Anytime I have a concept that would work out better by hand I free-hand the primary elements and make any needed corrections on the computer after the fact (font spacing generally has to be tweaked a bit to insure that it is legible when small). In some instances where guys are looking for more modern/clean-line graphics I keep the whole file in the computer. The approach is determined by the type of logo that is requested by the person that I am working with, so the way that I approach a design is always changing. We don’t have a library of images, we don’t use stock images, so everything is created from scratch unless I have a really nice logo that was rejected previously. The really nice Patriot logo was a file that I had already created, was initially rejected and ended up working out really nicely for another guy (that doesn’t work out all that often since most folks have very specific ideas about what they are looking for).

Nice job. I’m impressed.

Levi is one of the best designers in the country.

I’ll attest to his talents. I was very impressed with the process of creating a logo. He went a direction that I hadn’t considered and it looks great on the brochures that inspector outlet printed, which I’ve had several complements on.

I just love scrolling down through

Thanks Chip. Glad to hear that the logo is working out for you and you are getting compliments on the design.

Agreed, Really amazing work.

Leading the industry in ALL aspects.