the lunatic is on the grass......

He’s talking drain tile, just for you.
B Dry, Everdry, Foundation Systems of Michigan, Vulcan, Mid Atlantic, Aquaguard etc etc…plumbers, home inspectors, city inspectors, realtors and so on

1:40–2:00 this guy is a supposed expert huh? Eh, too many drugs America and Canada, your doing waaaay too many drugs!
He actually barks out, ‘Once they’re flushed out (drain tiles), that’s the end of your problem, without digging/waterproofing’… then he says he’s going to reveal a SECRET… ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshh!!!

TIP------ when someone like this knocks on your door, don’t open it!

Hey NOAH, question just for you… think about it before you try and answer okay? looollll The TITANIC, it hit an iceberg which caused holes in duh ship, then took on water and ummmm…sunk.
Okay so, IF if IF if IF there were DRAIN TILES around that ship, would flushing those drain tiles save the great Titanic from taking on water??? HUH???

NOAH err um Sterling brotha, short video… leaky basement, watch closely and eyeball the DRAIN TILES and ummm duh, the EXTERIOR CRACKS in the foundation wall!!!

So Noah/Sterling, all homeowners with leaky basements like the one in this video should LEAVE the exterior cracks OPEN, don’t worry about those, and instead call you or someone like you to FLUSH the drain tiles and that would be the END of their problems, right???

The TITANIC, 1912 real footage of departure, got milk??? Got drain tiles flushed???