The magical Floating Room

Any thoughts on the room addition above the garage??

I could not find any functional way the right side had sufficent support for the structure.


I’d like to see the design drawings on that one. :slight_smile:

Further information advised!

I passed that ball onto someone else.

Sean, Its hard to see in the picture, but the construction crew must have left their skyhook attached to the building. That must be holding some of the weight. Never seen one permanently attached before. Heck Ive never seen one before.

That’s a classic.

Sean, you seem to be getting some good ones lately.

I would not put my bed there.:slight_smile:
Must be cantilevered from the other half

Apparently the same “architect” designed the the porch deck and support columns.

Sean I’m from Oklahoma and I thought I lived around some strange people/things… you, however, I don’t even hold a candle to. You come across some crazy business. lol

I think they must have used metal poles that when through the porch and they boxed them in. It was hard to tell. There were so many other things to look at, I actually missed the fact with the garage room to begin with.

I had to step back and them the bulb went off. It’s always the stuff you would never expect to see in your lifetime, that take a little while to soak in. You just aren’t looking for it.

What really kills me is how they made it stay that way for a good 30 years at least.

That was my conclusion as well.

I would bet the last dollar in my wallet (which is all there is) that the builder (loose term) has transferred the load by running the floor system from the left to right.

Being that the upper floor level is the same, he could have bolted or inset a microlam and used I-joists to achieve his span which looks like 16 - 18 ft.

Would love to see the plans and the building permit. :slight_smile:

This would be a fine candidate for the 2011 Parade of Homes…NOT.

It is the little Known room known as a hover room . I hope you checked the air jets for operation. this room detaches in flood conditions and can be used for transportation to dryer land .Gosh i wish you fellows would update yourselves lolol

but…wouldn’t it have made more sense to run the downspout for the front part of that roof on the left side (where there’s already grading away) instead of pooling it all into one gutter (that probably overflows in heavy rain)
wtf is all i could say looking at that picture for about a minute…or 3…chuckling…

is there a staircase under there?? wait…no…I’m probably just seeing things… haha

It’s probably supported by a combination of cantilever and a mechanical connection to the joists of the right section that would transfer load to the nearest post. It looks scary, but depending on how these things are done, sometimes they’re fine. The only way to know is to expose the framing and have it approved by an engineer.

Of course you might pull loose the soffit to look-see and have the whole thing suddenly collapse. :mrgreen:

Looks to be a thicker concrete area in the block wall under the garage to me.

Must be Frank Lloyd Wright’s cousin, twice removed!

By looking at the top you see that they carried support beams right across the top of the wall and probably ran 2x12 joist to the other side of the home. This would displace some of the weight of the added addition but I would never want to sign that one off as safe unless I seen proper attachment to the original house with lag bolts in the attic, at the ledger with added bolts to the top plates and bottom plate on the right side.:roll:

Acme anti-grav system, model 324-B. Just check to make sure that the atomic batteries are still charged.

Hope this helps;