The Master Inspector Certification Board welcomes John McKenna as its new President.

Please join me in thanking former President Michael Rowan for all his help in getting CMI off the ground and in welcoming John McKenna to his new position.

Congratulations John!

John Fantastic You have been always helping so many I am so glad for myself and all other CMIs .
Thanks Nick you ahve picked a winner. … Cookie

Welcome John,
Anything I can do to help let me know


Congratulations! I believe that you will do a great job and look forward to seeing the progression of CMI.


alright John, congrats!

John, welcome to your new position and wish you the best.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

This appointment helps free Nick up to do something I have been asking him to do for nearly 2 years, now…

When I contacted John several days back, and asked if he’d be interested in serving in this important role, he responded in typical fashion for him.

He responded that he would help in any way he can.

He’s an excellent choice, and I am damned proud that he agreed to accepted the position.

BTW, and in fairness to John… I dont think he knows we made this announcement. Wont he be surprised;-) .

Welcome, John. And THANK YOU.

While this announcement is one that is sure to mean great things for the CMI program, the next one (hopefully) will be the best news for all of NACHI that we have had in a long, long time.

Congratulations, John.

G Wiz I’m away from the MB for a couple hrs and everything changes. John since you are the President now do you still wont me to control the CMI web site?
Congratulations, John.

Thanks to everyone. We have a lot of work to do.
Going to an inspection right now, will be back later.

CMI is something worth working for and helping
other inspectors enjoy its benefits.

Congratulations John, I look forward to your plans with interest.



Congratulations and Good Luck


Excellent choice Nick.
Good luck John with your new position.

Congrats John, Anything I can do to help pelase let me know!

Thanks Mr. Rowan for helping Nick get the CMI program off & running!!
Great things are ahead!

Congratulations John!

Congratulations JOHN! Good choice Nick! You got a good man, with a good head on his shoulders!

Just what Nick wanted A Good Man! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Just kidding

I feel a quote from somebody’s grandmother coming soon…

Congratulations John.

Congratulations John, thanks for stepping forward!