The Message Board

How do you want INACHI member to act, behave and address posts on the message board?

I think HI’s should be limited to 60 posts a month and pay $.65 per post over that.

It would make some “think before they post”…

It would make lazy inspectors look up the aanswers to their “no question is stupid” questions…

… and keep the crap out of here unless they are really willing to put their money where their mouth is.

If we pay can we get the green boxes back? :wink:

They should all act just like me :D:twisted:

Yea, we need them greenies back! :wink:

Can a member post to many times in one day?

I think a Member should keep stuff like this in the “Members Only” area.


This board is (or can be) a tool for us (HI’s) to exchange ideas productive to our profession and industry. Some can learn and some more experienced HI’s enjoy sharing their experience.

Limiting posts is a bad idea; if you have time to post you should be able to do so. There are times when I contribute a lot and times where I read and add nothing.

I get what you are driving at Robert, some posters are “less professional” than others. We should all post in a professional manner, even if someone asks a “dumb” question, if we cant give them a professional answer, just don’t post. If someone is completely wrong, you can tell them, but tactfully.

The board could use moderation, because some folks get what I like to call “internet muscles” and do go overboard and become cyber bullies, so to speak. That stuff can go.

I don’t have the answers, but we pay to post in the members only section anyway, if they decide to start charging per post, this place will be empty.

My 2c.

I think those who worry about the message board, or spend too much time on it, have nothing better to do or they need to fill the void for attention.

Someones time would be better spent reviewing websites. I can think of one in particular that is full of awful grammer and spelling issues.

UM Sean why are you viewing my web site lol;-)

Don’t care, as long as you’re honest and you check your emotions at the door!

Btw… last I heard, we are still a “Free Speech” Country and MB. You still have the option to “leave if you don’t like it”!

He was looking at mine Wayne. :slight_smile:

If you’re worried about message board behavior, you’re on it too much.

With as much arrogance, pride, sarcasm, name calling, insults, rudeness, cursing and depravity as possible. There should be a lot of arguing, correcting each other, insulting each other’s intelligence/experience/knowledge, boasting about one’s intelligence/experience/knowledge, worshipping select members and generally stripping people of their self respect.

That should thicken the skin a bit. :wink:

People are sinners, what do you expect?