the month of june

Just out of curiosity, how is the month of June treating you so far…is it just me or things are slow??:frowning:

Busiest in at least a year and actually referred a few out for the weekend to a fellow NACHI guy so I can take this sat and sun off for the giant street fairs all over Chicago this weekend.:slight_smile:

As always it is regional.
Also getting more Agent referrals this year but my web sites are way down.

Last 5 months have been crazy…one week i even made 13 inspections…but june for me is…dead…maybe it’s the formula 1 grand prix that’s in town, i donno…

It greatly depends where you work. In Québec, where Patrick works, there is usually a great rush in the real estate market because every renter has a lease expiring July 1. So all real estate activity targets that date and typically, things slow down a bit in June. They pick up again in mid-July…


Thx Gilles, i tough i was loosing my mind :shock: loll

well it picked up! one spot lest this week…lol june is not so bad after all,…

You said you were “under the weather”. Must be nice to turn down work to go party instead “Mr. Money Bags”.

Yep I am not a wimp and work sick.

Doing a 1.5 mil 3 story condo Downtown tomorrow.
May have been severely dehydrated as I usually drink nothing but coffee all day and switched to a half gallon water chug before my morning coffee,plus went on a aspirin,niacin,fish oil regimen.
If I was a money bags I would just go pay a Doctor.
Had a few clients calling asking how I am and though “you did not” I am fine.

Walking at Fairs is good for your health and I went to one of them by myself parking a few miles away so I could ride the bike in.

Now if I took all those gas guzzling draws I might have enough for the Doc.:wink:

I had 2 HUD inspections today, one was for downspout extensions. They wanted confirmation that downspout extensions were installed. Unbelievable!!!




I hope you told them that is not six feet.

How much do you get paid for the drive-by inspections they require???;-):p:p:mrgreen: I’m looking for some easy $$$$$$ also!!!


It was crazy, quietter at the moment, most broker transactions are being notariazed, brokers are taking vacations, end of school for family with kids!

This is the best time to take a breather until things pick up again.

Beauchemin, Marc-Andre

Thx man , hope to someday meet a fellow member. i,m often in longueuil to visit mother


Its been great in Manitoba…:slight_smile:

Been great in Calgary and area, I’ve done 24 so far this month, 33 last month.