The Most pleasing inspection we did .

Many years ago we did a presale inspection .
Small home about 60 + years old .
Mom and Dad had died and the son and daughter where having the home Inspected to sell.
They where in their fifties and where there for the inspection .
The home was empty .
I went into the attic and there was many boxes .
I called them into the living room and told them my find and asked if they would like me to hand down the boxes ,they said please do.
I handed down first box they all were big and heavy .
While I was getting the next box they where making so much noise I had to see what was up .
Mom and Dad had saved all the toys from there child hood .
They got so excited and where crying none stop , Some of the things I remember was ("Daughter ")OH! my god this was my rocking chair from when I was 5 oh!!! my favorite doll I remember this so much all her clothes OH! MAW I love you
The next box had his complete train set , .
This went on for some time .
They both where laughing and crying at the same time the excitement in the air effected Me and Char too .
This went on for seven or Eight boxes of stuff ,
There was four extremely happy people there that day .
Char ,Roy and the Daughter and her Brother.

Nice story!

Did they let You play with the toys ?

Nice story Roy

I had not thought of that Inspection in many years .
Writing this post made me smile and my eyes water again like they did then .

All the best… Roy

Any one else have a happy story for all to enjoy

I pulled an old suitcase down from an attic of an old farm house. It was full of keepsakes From a young child. The buyers remembered talking with the sellers about their children as one of them said they had 4 children and the other said 5. It turned out they had a child get hit my a semi in front of the house over 50 years ago when she was a toddler. they couldn’t bear to throw away the suitcase or look at it so it went in the attic. There were numerous letters from friends and relatives in the suitcase .

Very nice.