The Mystery of Cracks

I have taken all of the courses for a first year member of InterNACHI yet I still feel I am not well informed on the types of crack, the severity of them in nature to structural problems… I just don’t feel i have enough info to confidently make callings on if they are of concern or not. Is there any videos or books that you guys know of that can help. I do way better with visuals and video than with verbal explanations of cracks.

What would be perfect is if there a catalog of cracks and it says what most likely caused them and the severity of the crack in regards to structure.

The info i have seen is just too vague for my liking.

Thank you for any help or direction.

Derek that must be a bad link to me to some phone BS

Apologies, try this link.

Thanks Derek.

This book will teach you about diagnosing cracks in walls and floors caused by movement:

Field Guide to Crack Patterns in Buildings
A guide to Evaluating Building Cracks caused by Geological Hazards

Copyright 2003 by Harry S. Audell
Special Publication number 16
Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists
PO box 460518, Denver CO 80246

If you use what this book teaches you, you will look and sound like a pro. It’s not big or complicated, just good.

To learn about cracks caused by resistance to shrinkage, like those in concrete go here.