The Narrative of report writing

When writing my reports I recommend that safety defects be corrected before moving in the home and should corrected by a qualified contractor. Is that to strong of a narrative?

It depends on the condition(s) you’re reporting on. Gas leak? Sure. Water pressure regulator? Maybe this can wait until the clients have moved in.

At a minimum, all items in need of service should be further investigated before the move in date. This investigation is up to the client as to when and by whom. The level of investigation is also up to the client - a client with a construction background may already have an idea of costs associated with repairs/corrections and have an idea of their priority. Another client may have zero mechanical skills and will rely heavily on your recommendations, recommendations from their agent and recommendations from contractors.

I do not write every narrative with “repaired/corrected by a qualified contractor during your inspection contingency period,” but I do have this statement in the PIA and in the body of the report.


I agree with Jeff. :smile:

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Life Safety issues only, like smoke detectors, pool safety defects, inoperable bedroom windows and other egress issues as opposed to upgrading GFI’s to meet current codes.

Write my report and leave it up to the buyer to determine the safety hazards, do not want to be held liable. Here is my report, it is not my job to determine which items are absolutely needed and which items are not. An arch fault is not required in a 1975 home per IRC, but lack of an arc-fault can be a hazard. I recommend everything on the report be up to manufacturer’s standards. Wrote up the yard last week, new home, too many unlevel areas in the grass.