The National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) Approves InterNACHI's New Free, Online Course

OK, back from my afternoon inspection. Here is how transfers work between Regionally Accredited institutions: When institutions are regionally accredited in the same region the classes transfer seamlessly because they all have completed a course equivalency crosswalk. Subject mater experts from each institution compare high level views of the course work and outcomes. That means English 101 at NAU, ASU and UoA and ALL community colleges in the region can transfer without a blink of an eye. If transferring from one region to another then the ADVISOR has to do the step by step course equivalency crosswalk for each class the student wishes to transfer. A very large percentage of classes transfer between regions. Classes that DO NOT transfer as a course equivalency might be accepted as elective credits but not a direct transfer. Attempting to transfer classes from a nationally accredited to a institution to a regional institution is often a very disappointing experience for students since a very large percentage of classes do not transfer and most will not even be accepted as elective credits. Nationally accredited institutions are mostly trade schools and the like, they are built to get people to work fast…like InterNachi. To be regionally accredited there must be degree programs with general education core curriculum 100% of the time (all universities). Here is the HUGE standard in education: regionally and nationally accredited schools do not certify students…certification comes from external bodies of the educational system. HOWEVER, both regional and national institutions offer certificates of completion. Does InterNachi certify home inspectors? NO YOU DO NOT? Why not? InterNachi seems to feel free to certify radon professionals. Do you get the point here??? A remarkably small percentage will be “accepted” as elective credits…not any type of course equivalency. NOTE: transferring classes between Nationally Accredited schools is often a snap and easy because there is less rigor by the institutions. So, prove your statement Nick. I want to know what school accepts InterNachi classes as transfer (Universities and community colleges) and which classes transfer (not as electives). I look forward to this one…will not hold my breath though.

Somebody trying to justify 10k plus of equipment not being used. If it was, it wouldn’t be sitting in one place for a photo op…


Winter time inspections are indeed slow Thomas. 9 months out of the year it is very busy! :wink: Who in their right mind would buy 20K+ in equipment without a purpose. But do not take my word for it, take a look at over 1000 pictures of radon tests. I take a picture for each test setup and send it to the listing agent, the buyer’s agent and the buyer.

Sorry, I thought accurate testing was year around. Don’t test in the winter? How do you tell your clients that the MOST accurate testing is every day through all seasons?


Thomas, in our real estate market we do a HUGE amount of inspections between March and middle Oct. Then it dies off to about 25% of the heavy season for inspections. I do two inspections a day 6 days a week so I need many devices during the warmer months. I encourage testing according to the EPA and AARST guidelines always. Also I do 2 devices each time because I have learned to NEVER trust a single device. Do not trust a single radon device 100% every time.

Here is a link to one of my reports….it is best to open it in a PDF viewer as google will destroy the format. You are welcome to use the report if you like.

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Nope it was a fart. First sentience.
“*For state certification or licensing, please contact your individual state health department for their requirements.”

Walter, what is your point? Besides farting…

I am legally license and insured to perform radon testing in my state.


The gas is coming out of your mouth. You are like the structural engineer that was on here last week telling us home inspectors have no business entering an attic and only SE have the knowledge and dexterity to monkey across trusses. Do what you do and leave it at that.


Again Walter you are not making sense…Montana does not license radon professionals. Here check their website: Montana state even encourages hiring certified professionals (NRPP/NRSB) not InterNachi. Your name is not on NRPP or NRSB. How are you licensed again in Montana? Please be more clear this time…ok?

I have a business license. That’s all I need. If you have issue with it take to the State. I’m done.


Bill I think that sometimes you don’t make sense.

Here is an excerpt from your report that you are so proud of.

"Recommended Actions: The test results are inconclusive. The radon monitors identified radon levels as high as 10 at the start of the radon monitoring then the radon rapidly dropped to a consistent level at 2.0.
There are two possible questions 1) What caused the radon level at 10 and/or 2) What caused the radon

levels to suddenly fall over the course of a few hours? The humidity and barometric pressure readings are
consistent with exterior readings at the Lost Canyon Weather Station. We recommend retesting.

Additional Information
Comprehensive Long Term Testing:
At 121 PRO we always recommend that all homes be tested for radon using a 91+ day duration. "

Possible question #3) “Why did I hire this Know-it-all Bill Branch to test my house for a real estate transaction? He tells me that results are inconclusive and I should buy his 91+ day radon test because he doesn’t know what the flip he is doing.
Screw that! I’m hiring Walter to test my house because closing is in 10 days and I need someone to tell me if I have a radon problem or not. That person is apparently not Bill Bull$hit Branch.” -Home buyer

That was the buyer talking, not me. I already have a house.

If you take offense at the paragraph above, talk to the home buyer. I’m sure they are already pi$$ed at you,


Good Morning Burt, You sound emotional…that may impact your bottom line. Keep up the good work though! I will send you 50 cents every 28 days if you find that helpful, it wont help with the mood swings but it will help with those heavy flow days.

NICK pay close attention to this because this one of several reasons why InterNachi should not call their training ‘Certified’ because they, people you certify, put peoples lives at risk with their recommendations. They do not know 1) how to identify tampered environments and 2) they would not know how to communicate that the environment has been tampered with.
Bret, your response is exactly why you should not be involved with the health of your clients. That statement you quoted, so nicely, is very very important. You see, improperly trained radon measure clowns will say the average of the house is “safe” and below “4.0”. But properly certified radon professionals know how to read the reports including the radon level timeline, the barometric pressure changes, the humidity changes and temperatures. That home, as well as all radon tested homes, is suppose to be under closed building conditions and if the radon test picks that up then the test is inconclusive. You see, you simply cannot directly say that the home owner tampered with the environment because that causes all sorts of problems downstream. As a properly certified radon professional you state what the data tells you in a way that makes the most sense without pointing fingers at anyone. In this case Bret, the home owners have a 10 year old daughter with down syndrome who unintentionally removed the dog door cover so their dog could go outside. Can you image the fall out if I stated they purposely tampered with the environment? This is why I am sending you $0.50 every 28 days because your emotional response clouded your thinking. As far as the 91+ test, you seemed to have not ‘cut & paste’ the paragraph enough. If you read further to the next sentence you would see that I share a link where they can get their own long-term test. It is a test they can do on their own…not selling anything Bert. If you need tissues too I will send a box.

You hit the nail on the head. Congrats weeding thru TONS of all the bogus health scare talk.
All about the $$


Yes,…always retest if the results are inconclusive because home buyers want accurate results. Right :slight_smile: Would you not recommend retesting with inconclusive tests?
In my report there are two links to further information regarding radon provided by the EPA. Don’t want to load down the test results with extraneous information since most people requesting a radon test are already familiar with it at a cursory level. But, I don’t leave it at that…Before each home inspection & radon test I make contact with the buyers to answer questions and talk about what I do which includes radon. I try to give the best customer service as possible, I am sure you do too. Now, with regards to retesting and $$$, check out my website…I give away 1 free home inspection a week to help people realize their dream of buying a home…. I give deep discounts to healthcare employees and 1sr responders. I give military discounts. ALSO, get this…I only charge $125 for dual radon testing, that is much less than my non-certified competitors. So, not in it for the money and we are a highly digitally information connect society so I dont bog down my reports with unnecessary info…just link to it.

If I understand your past several posts correctly:

  1. Internachi’s training doesn’t meet your idea of “certified”
  2. Home inspectors who have Internachi’s radon training are putting home buyers at grave health risk because the radon training is not “certified”
  3. Your sample radon report that you posted was inconclusive and the recommendation was for a 91+ day test to be done, pissing off your home buyer who is closing in a few days.
  4. the 91+ day test is to be done by the homebuyer themselves (with no training in radon at all) with a kit they can order online so that they can get the most accurate results because the Internachi-trained home inspector does not have enough training to do it right.

So the best test is (untrained) homeowner’s own test. Your own double machine test is next best. And an internachi-trained radon inspector is putting people’s lives in danger. :roll_eyes:

I have not encountered such a WAFI on this forum since Michael Parks got kicked out.
This is my last post on this thread.


This is now YOUR standard. Why not 6 or 10?

In truth, and you know this; if you were really concerned about peoples health, you would not even do a 48 hour test. But, it is better than nothing…right?

We have people in our state doing 3 hour tests. Basically the duration of the home inspection.

That sounds horrifying, right? Guess what? 48 hours is also an arbitrary number.

Unfortunately, your high and mighty health concerns while performing a 48 hour test is likely not better than a guy plopping down a CRM while performing a regular home inspection.

Then you read deeply into the results and look at spikes (like when someone turns on a fart fan) or lows because someone brings in the groceries or opens a door when the popcorn burns.

I have no problem with training and certifications. But, you act as if no one is capable of performing this test and it is just not true. The SOP for these tests and calibration requirements are pretty straight forward. Especially for a snap-shot in time recording.

Good day.


Lol. We have to be on Candid Camera here right? Any moron can set, retrieve and decipher a radon test. The only reason home inspector’s are charged with the task is because we are the most neutral party in the transaction, although we are not entirely neutral because one party is paying us. A completely untrained and uninformed person can perform a proper test using a $15 kit from the big box store. The lab will tell them what the results mean. NRPP certification is a joke and a money grab. Luckily my state does not require it, even though they do require state licensing.


Yes but a highly educated WAFI! Hmm that was an oxymoron wasn’t it? Of course if you remove the “oxy” it also describes this person. :rofl: