The new 1802 form is an improvement

Embrace the new form because it is here and you cannot change that. It also has improvements over the old form.

  1. Roof testing is gone, now the fact that tile roofs have not been able to receive credit will no longer create problems.

  2. Roofs that were installed post code may be able to get credit without being able to locate a permit.

  3. Single wraps with 2 nails on front 1 on the back will still be single wraps. Many of the re-inspection programs are downgrading these to clips or toenails.

  4. Quality must increase. Poor quality reports will be accepted less. This will create a problem for some but not all.

Overall in business a negative attitude will not help. Focus on the positives, spend time improving everyday and lets make 2012 a great year.

Chris, even though you are my direct competition, you are always reasonable and understanding. This form is improvements in many areas. There are areas that can use improvements but it is nearly impossible to get the data on a few page form for every house ever built.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

Do clips get downgraded to toenails because of the three nail requirement?

To be positive is correct, but to be complacent has become the american way. I hate this saying, “no good deed goes unpunished.” Maybe this is why when we known of wrongfulness we do nothing.

I disagree with #1, 2 and 4 of your comment. What type of test were roofs subjected to? Tile roofs, where never a real problem, only a few gurus creation.

Also, it is great that the wall construction and gable bracing are gone, so yesssss, there is some positive from this form.

In my opinion this form will be a disaster:

Q #2, a reroof with a permit can have a date of installation but never past a final inspection (open permit). Yet meet these criterias. However, homeowner wins on this. Even if the roof failed the final.

Q #4 should be an, “aproved metal connector”, instead of the non-construction terminologies. Ask any structural engineer, they are call straps, truss hangers, etc… Requiring 3 nails for clips has now penalized older homes with 1/4" straps that have gone thru 50 plus yrs in the HVHZ. This has never been tested, especially in a home with rafters built with Dade County Pine. Many homeowners will now get toe nails, not rated etc…

Q #5 will continue to steal the Hip roof credit from many that deserve it. The ARA presentation in Sept 2010 addressed this issue. Flat roof def on the form, WTF does this mean?

Q #6 rips everyone off with a newer roof and is in conflict with the FBC,

Q #7 must have designed during happy hour as a joke, I’m sure underwriting will be calling each other saying "is this A, B, or C.

The original purpose of goverment was to protect the people which it serves. How can the OIR allow the industry it is regulating have influence/control of this form. Data 10 yrs old was used for the development of this form, while our state universities have free new data availible in the engineering depts? How can the Fl Bldg Commission and Bldg Code Officials be kept out of this process? With the technology today, how can open public meetings be held in Tallassee without the entire state’s individuals of interest allowed to particapate thru conf call or a web based session?

This form is just a microcosm of what is happening in all sectors of goverment. Greed has taken over rightousness, ethics and morals.

Personally, I am scared for this country. It is becomming the rich and the poor, the middle classs is dying out. Will this be the fall of Rome? Will history repeat itself, remember Spain ruled the world at one time.

Stay positive is correct, remember, if you say enough times people will believe it.

What is excessive corrosion and who decides? Who is going to put rulers next to straps and take pictures. Come on be honest if you will. Me, not a chance.

Nick, did you mean #7? I don’t have a #9 on the form I have.

anyone know when this new form goes into effect?


How can I get a copy of the new form? All the links I click on take me to a blank page.

send me a normal email and i’ll send what I have.

you should have it. good luck.

You are correct, #7 regarding the opening protection

Got it. Thank you

Which is what I said before. You cannot have every situation on the form…you need a data collection system that can and THEN it produces the report based on the findings for that specific house. Trying to have every situation on the form is a dead end…the form will continue to grow longer and more confusing just like regular home inspection paper forms did 10 years ago…it is the same situation…over time someone will figure it out.:slight_smile: