The New Best Defect Award

The New Best Defect Award Coming Soon
**March 1st **

Get you best Defect Pictures in order and join the Fun.

12 Catagories (all based on the SOP) and a Prize at the end of the Year.

12 Monthly Winners will compete in December for the Win.

The Awards Committee is restructuring the Awards and this one is coming back with new criteria and rules.

Come one and come all and enjoy.


March 1st is approaching and hope all are getting their best Defect pictures ready.

But first a little information about the program;

The Best Defect Award

What is a defect and what are we looking for?

[FONT=Arial]“Failure of the building or any building component to be erected in a reasonably[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]workmanlike manner or to perform in the manner intended by the manufacturer or[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]reasonably expected by the buyer, which proximately causes damage to the structure.”[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]A construction defect would result from:[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]1. Defective building materials or components.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]2. A violation of Building Codes at the time of construction.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]3. Failure to meet professional standards for design at the time plans was approved.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]4. Failure to build according to accepted trade standards for workmanlike construction.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Construction defect pictures should depict defects due to substandard construction strategies, faulty workmanship inside and outside the house, bad building material, poor drainage systems or improper soil analysis and preparation.[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]All other photos submitted will not be used for Poll submissions. [/size][/FONT]


The first 15 entries for the best Defect Award for the Selected Topic, will be chosen to run in the Poll for the month.
Winners of each month will compete in a Poll at the end of the Year for a Prize/Award.

*Only 1 of the Members best Defect picture will be self-nominated for the month. *

*Nominate every month if you wish, but only the first 15 nominations will be accepted for that Month’s Poll. *

*In order to give a chance to all in nominating their best Pic Defect, Nominations will be taken in a first come first serve basis. *

Topics for Best Defect Award, one for each Month;

[FONT=Verdana]1. Grading, defects, any type.

  1. Interior, defects, IE, water intrusion, etc.

  2. Exterior, defects, IE, exterior cladding defects, etc.

  3. Foundation-Basement, defects, IE massive cracks, water intrusion, failure, etc.

  4. Roof, defects, IE, crazy roof installations, poor condition, amateur work, etc.

  5. Electrical, defects, IE, bizarre connections, poor panels, amateur work, etc.

  6. Air Conditioning, defects, IE, poor condition, amateur installation, dangerous conditions, etc.

  7. Plumbing, defects, IE, bizarre water heater installations, amateur installations of any kind, etc.

  8. Insulation-ventilation, defects, IE, no insulation, massive bird nests, amateur installations, etc.

  9. Kitchens, defects, IE, bizarre installations, pipes leaking, sink base cabinets rotted beyond your wildest imagination, etc.

  10. Bathrooms, defects, IE, tubs rotted, showers leaking, amateur installations, etc.

  11. Decks, defects, IE, amateur dangerous decks, etc.

[/FONT]On March 1st, we will begin the Program with the third topic since we lost a couple of months.

[size=2]3. Exterior, defects, IE, exterior cladding defects, etc.[/size]

[size=2]In consecutive months, we will try to double up so we can run a poll on topics 1 & 2 to make up. [/size]

[size=2]Stay tuned in for the start on March 1st for Topic #3. [/size]

[size=2]Get your best picture in. :slight_smile:


Marcel, silly question, but just post it here in this thread, or wait for a “March Photo” thread?

Darren, what is it you want me to post here?

This is information for the members so they can get ready to post pictures of their best Defects on March first for a win at the end of the year.

Maybe I don’t understand your post. :slight_smile:

My bad, I was confused as to whether there’d be separate threads for each month to post in, or the photos get posted here.

Each month/topic will have a separate thread, Darren.

On March 1st, I will start a new thread for the Program where nominations will be taken and pictures posted, hopefully and take the first 15 Nominations from various members on a first come first serve basis, varify they meet the criteria and then enter them in a Members Poll for a winner for each month.

At the end of the year, those 12 winners will run in a Poll for the Yearly win and an Award/Prize will be issued to the winner.


Any comments from anyone on the program?:slight_smile:

Is anyone interested at all in this program?

Just curious. There has to be a question somewhere. :slight_smile:

Being that you asked, what is the award prize?

Defects found should be current for the month posted/entered, they shouldn’t be oldies but goodies…

Many of us that could “scroll the archives” could unfairly dig up old stuff, where’s the fun in that?

Believe Nick is donating $100.00 to the winner at the end of the year, if he doesn’t I will.

Post your interior defects when Marcel has the Poll installed for march…!

And in case everyone skimmed over this detail, this is ‘key’ in the criteria…

Get your photo’s ready to go, so when Marcel posts the Opening Thread, you can get your entry submitted. There is no set time that the thread will be posted.

Good luck!

So is this to say previous photo’s can be posted? I don’t know why, but I thought it may be a bit more original to use current, from current calendar month.

Just a thought.

At this time, the only restriction is that the submitter must have taken the photo. I like your idea of a time constraint on when the pic was taken, but unfortunately, there is no way to verify this. As the committee continues to discuss this ‘contest’, I will be sure to bring up this scenario for discussion. What do you think of a three month time restriction?

Sure… within any reasonable time frame would be great… Not nit-picking by any means, just thought that someone searching 3 or 4 hard drives of pictures lacks something, somehow.

I dont even start my truck for less than $450.00 bwaahaaaa