The new millionaires

$1.65 M on zero lots, it’s crazy
Note neighbors on the right

Not even enough space in the front yard to plant a tree…:shock:

Back yard the same Bear?..:shock:

Millionaires don’t like to mow the grass… I would assume?

Well they will not really need a gardener. Just a lawn mowing once in a while. Gosh…for very little money they could put down green concrete…save water. :slight_smile: Is there even room for pansies?

HEY !!! Get my office picture off of here:shock:


Less than twice the front…I’m driving through expecting some estate type lots and came upon this after I’d driven past…just couldn’t believe it…:roll: we aren’t left or right coast as far as land but it’s getting that way

Where do your clients park?:shock:

Probably in the underground garage.


That would be great if there was one, this just has the 1-2 (single and double bay) garage door package built into the footprint. The rest are roadies as this isn’t big enough for redneck lawn parking. :wink:

McMansion ? ? ? Where did they find room for drive to the garages?

Single up front, look to the right awaiting curb cut, double is alley access

It’s going to be tight any way you slice it

They are trying to get an exception to pave most of the front yard as was suggested but doubt very seriously the HOA will allow even if the city does

I am vacationing this week here…

Pretty Cool…

I was here yesterday, trying to make up my mind which of my friend’s cars to take out, the Ferrari or the Lambo:

cantdecide 001.jpg