The new Moisture Intrusion Course is for commercial inspections too.

Sure hope it includes all facts on the neccessity to keep water-moisture out and thats it is NOT ok, not good to allow water to continue to enter like inside systems/co`s do, got milk? :mrgreen: Good day Nick

NACHI TV episode 54, minute 13. Inspiration for a fresh rant. :cool:

John Kogel

Thank you Mr Kogel! :wink:
On it like flies on shtt :mrgreen: Got milk?
Trying to get my fantasy football playoff teams in order for crap sakes! lol

More…lies,more crap.
What don`t SOME UNDERSTAND? As Mr Kogel said, around the 13:15 mark through 14:15 or so.
Applying PAINT has NOT defined/identified HOW the water has got in!

Dude, why are you professing that homeowners can apply PAINT on the inside of a LEAKY block basement wall and that by applying 2 or 69 coats it`ll stop/prevent water from entering exterior cracks (and other exterior openings) like these.
How many PICTURES do SOME HI`s need to eyeball to see how/where water gets into block walls huh?

Same old crap, different day. “EDUCATION-BASED FLYERS?”
One could only haved hoped SOMEONE would have done some homework,read more articles than the SUPPOSED one he read which claims painting the inside somehow a) actually located where the water was entering b) truly stopped the water from entering, that the dumb paint stopped water from geting into the blocks. NONSENSE!

But no, seems the one article was plenty for him to start making ridiculous claims, and on Nachi Tv too huh. lololol

Hey, since when did you people become basement waterproofing/foundation experts? #-o

Then he says he, distributed the ‘education based flyers’ to ALL of his Real Estate sources’ and others SUPPOSEDLY painted a wall(s) and it SUPPOSEDLY worked, now he is a HERO! loLOLolOlOlolo0LOLolllOOlllolOlol

LOOK at PICTURES i posted. Are YOU gonna BS me/others and sit there and tell us that PAINT has SOLVED the problem?

PAINT does NOT fix/repair…whatever the actual problem is!!!

When the reason a basement leaks/seeps is from exterior cracks,loose-cracked parging,opening where a gas line or other service line enters the exterior of a block wall, then PAINTING the INSIDE cannot possibly fix/repair/waterproof the REAL g dang problem,the flaw,the defect.

YOU sir, are recommending homeowners LEAVE the crack,defect alone, leave it open? Just PAINT right??? LOL!

When the water is entering through open mortar joints outside, or through/around a basement window then PAINTING the inside wall doesnt fix this either! So, just leave the mortar joints OPEN, dont replace the basement window? Just PAINT the wall?

When the problem is a basement back up then PAINTING the dumb walls doesn`t fix this either now does it? Just PAINT the block wall?

Holy Hell man!!! So homeowners should NOT identify/locate where/how the water is getting into the block wall??? Just PAINT??? ](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)](,)

Tell ya sir, you are NO hero on this-subject. The claims/statements are INCOMPETENT. Come up here to MI and tell a bunch of people this junk and have em sell their house and we shall see exactly how much of a real HERO on this subject you truly are.