The new Shingle Gauge 2-Piece Sets are out. Every inspector should have the set.

The world’s largest inspection trade association.

What does that mean ?


That’s the source. InterNACHI.

There are now more ancillary inspections (radon, water, well, septic, mold, WDO, sewer scoping, energy scoring, etc) being performed (combined) by home inspectors than home inspections. It’s becoming rare for a home inspector to only offer and perform home inspections solely.

I agree complete with all that, and that’s awesome as there is more money in the ancillary services than the straight home inspection.

But even with all that said my original question was what verifiable data (if any) do you come up with this statistical claim : ??


Jim… I suspect the 2.2 inspections (in Nick speak) is referring to ALL services performed (kind of like how FL inspectors claim WindMit and 4-Pt’s as Home Inspections).*


Just surveying use of online agreements Free, Online, Signable Inspection Agreement System - InterNACHI . A bit less than half the time, the inspector is using the home inspection agreement only.

So basically, no different than a Polital Poll conducted on behalf of DemonRats/Liberals. Skew the keywords to get the results they desire.

It wasn’t a poll and there are no keywords in the question. In fact, there is no question.

Home inspectors aren’t using ancillary agreements and clauses in Free, Online, Signable Inspection Agreement System - InterNACHI in response to a poll question. They’re using them because they sold ancillary inspection services to their clients.

Tats what I was guessing. So basically that statistic is just a guess at best, and no actual verifiable stats exist to validate that 2.2 number you made up ?

To bad no actual real statistics exist for this. I would be greatly interested in seeing them as our biz model is based heavily on ancillary services over standard inspections.



You can really be dense sometimes, but, I know that you know what I meant by my example, and you are just being you, so I will just be me, and walk away from your drivel once again, until I decide to wade in it once again.

What better way to get a bogus CMI title when you don’t perform full home inspections. :roll:

But Steve… it’s all about the “knowledge” and “experience”, not how many one has actually performed! :razz:

I’ve done more than I can ever remember…

Guilty conscience?

I don’t have one.

No, it’s derived from real data. Why would a home inspector send their client a radon or mold agreement or whatever to sign if the inspector hasn’t been hired to do those extra inspections. I’m not following you.

Plenty of other data to support the contention that home inspectors do as many or more ancillary inspections as they do home inspections.

Originally Posted by gromicko
Since the average inspector performs 2.2 inspections per client, most services home inspectors provide are outside a residential SOP.

So you still have not provided any actual data, just your opinion and hypothetical statistical percentage. If I am wrong, then just show the data that shows that percentage ?


I include the home inspection and whatever ancillary inspections they may want to add-on All in One agreement.

Conscience. Yea, we know. You show it in every post you make! :mrgreen: