The Next Big Thing in HI Technology!!!

Don’t let the low pricefool you, though…the required training for certification will come at a heavy price.

Having followed your posts ever since you got tossed from ESOP over the Ray and Roy affair it appears to me that you are pretty well washed up. What say you Jimmy???:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


James was never tossed from the ESOP, he resigned,in fact we all begged him not to leave.

Also comes with A 1 YEAR WARRANTY. :slight_smile:

Thank you for serving on the ESOP Committee.:stuck_out_tongue:

this might be a very handy tool for those guys that keep falling off roofs and ladders…sure could cut down on ER time…

Dear Linas,

Thank you!

"Jim said that he had to reevaluate what his priorities in life were.

“If Jim were to ask to be reinstated in the ESOP Committee I am positive that he would be welcomed back with open arms!”

In my opinion James Bushart is an offensive, egotistical, insulting, opinionated, dictatorial human rectum. Having said that, his leaving of the E.S.O.P. is another indicator of the decay that has set in at the heart of this organization. At least, despite the above, the membership could always be assured of two things; we always knew where James stood on any subject and more importantly we always knew that his opinions were not subject to the shifting winds of popularity. He is exactly the type of member we need on the E.S.O.P.

Why wait for Mr. Bushart to ask to be reinstated? Someone get on the phone and tell him that he has been returned by popular demand.

This is a very interesting post George. At one point I was going to give you a red and then I changed my mind and was going to give you a green but now I would just like to punch you in the nose and then help you up.:mrgreen: