The nicest compliment a home inspector could get.

I received this email following an inspection I did last week.

“Hey Steve, that was a very good report. I’ve renovated many houses in my life and have a better than average understanding of the structural elements and mechanics of older homes but never really understood until now how valuable a home inspection report is. Having an experienced and knowledgeable, unbiased professional, who is not emotionally involved in the purchase, generate a detailed report will help me to schedule a to do list of renovation and maintenance for when we move in. It’s also nice to know that there is much less chance of surprises popping up and having a second opinion to voice my concerns and get feedback from was worth the money alone. I will most certainly use your services in the future and recommend you.”

Put that on your website. Very good

On the to do list :slight_smile:

These replies are great and make you see how people do apprecite you .

Nice going well deserved ,Thanks for posting this…

Nice job Steve, I agree those types of comments make it all worth while/


Right on! That’s a good example of the value of a well informed home inspector.

I have done dozens of inspections for agents that are buying their own personal residence. That is the best compliment, IMO. I have several testimonials on my site as well.

I agree. Great compilment to use for your website. Maybe under a testimonial section.
Jason Dodson
Dodson Inspections LLC

I did an inspection for a client in September 2011. The clients Realtor called the radio during the show this morning to compliment me on air for the detailed report that I had done back in 2011.

Wow nice job Steve & Aubrey!

Need more:) Was that from a comment form your sent out or just random act?

No form, didn’t ask for a testimonial at all. Just an unsolicited email from a client. House inspected was older. Buyer was under the impression that all knob and tube wiring was replaced… I found some still in use and a few other things.