The number of people who have registered for this message board just topped 22,000.

… onwards and upwards!

and .005% ever post.
Lots of lurkers.

Not as bad as the Rush Limbaugh show: 6 callers, 30 million listeners.

22,002 Users Nick and 1,384 active on the Message board.

Out of the 1,384 we are lucky to get .08 percent to participate.

Now if we could figure out a way to get he other 20,018 users to join in, this place would be bursting at the seams. :):smiley:

Within the first 10 days after becoming a certified member…

Might need to re-word this, because all they do is log in, that is it.

  • Members need to participate in the Worlds biggest educational Message Board Activities. :):smiley:

Nick how many have registered multiple times using multiple names? I find it hard to believe we have 22K registered and only 50 who ever say anything :wink: