The oldest building permit I've seen yet

Now: believe it or not, the relevant question is “was the permit signed off”? This City adds procedural barriers for repairing uninspected work.

Update: the company is still in business locally.


JL Kruse’s great great grandson just wrote to me: they want it for their family museum.

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nice! I’ve never seen a panel in an asbestos encased box, (assuming), but it makes sense they would do that

Cool indeed!

It’s basically 100% in my inspection area, for the era. It was either code or near-universal practice to use that sheet asbestos. I usually see it on fuse subpanels, as a main from 1919 would be a rare treat indeed.

I agree, it makes sense (or, made sense) at the time.

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I had a 100+ year old house once and the permit said, “house + garage w/machine.” Buyers, agent and I assumed that “machine” meant automobile but they hadn’t settled on that name yet… IIRC the house was in the early 1900s.

Just the handwriting alone is great!


Yep, I saw that, too.

Just no pride, mostly, anymore.


Very Cool!

That is a really cool piece of history and will hopefully be preserved.

Thanks for sharing!!


Look at the hand writing, it’s awesome compared to what you see today.