The oldest water heater I've seen!

I have to share the oldest GAS (propane) hot water heater I’ve ever seen!

Check it out… still works!

Serial #51

Thanks any idea what year it is…

No idea… owner was trying to find out… he is 71… his dad installed it…

Nice find Jeff. That thing is worth money in an antique warehouse. :slight_smile:


exactly what I told him… either museum or recycle ! :wink:

*I’ve been trying to find the age but, this is what I dug up on this heater. I copied and pasted what I found here…

a side arm heater. This has a copper coil in it and burner underneath. Side arm heaters were mounted beside the storage tank and piped in top and bottom. When the burner fired, hot water would floatup into the top of the tank and cold would be pulled into the heater coil.

The link below is where I found it…*

Nice find!

Way cool :cool:

But I can’t imagine that thing is safe at all.

Would love to get my hands on that and create a sculpture.

ehhh… it ain’t that old, the name is PEX! :wink:

I thought the name to be a funny coincindence too… they use the home only for summer family visits… its nestled between all the hotels on Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Property is seasonal only. They have an electric hot water tank that functions as their hot water supply and don’t use this one any more, but swear it works. The beach sand is swallowing the home and they need to do something soon.14 family members own the home.

I guess it does say REX… I was thinking it was PEX… but you can see the “R”

2012 Roy!!:mrgreen:

Is that covered under your home warranty?