The online agreement

i was just seeing if anyone uses the nachi offered agreement(electronic signature) and how often it is used? The reason i ask is because i can’t see older poeple or people w/o access to the internet able to use this particular way of signing an agreement. and also is there an offline version available that you can then connect to the internet and have the process go through after the job is over back at the office?

I use it on 24 out of the last 25. Its the best…

but what do you do with the people whom can’t access the website for w/e reason?

I use the electronic signature option only when the client will not be attending the inspection or will not be there before I need a signed contract.

When I’m on the telephone setting up the appointment I discuss with the client that I will be sending a link that requires electronic endorsement. I know at this point if they have access to the Internet and understand what’s going on. They don’t even have to be older people. Clients may not have Internet access at the time of the inspection.

In the event there is insufficient time to get the documents signed, I often have the client arrange to have the real estate agent endorse the contract at the time of inspection until they can forward a hardcopy of their own.

I send a copy of my agreement attached to the confirmation e-mail that I send out. Ask client to read it ahead of time. At the inspection site, we go over it together, this seems to build some trust, and I get the signature before starting the inspection. The online agreement seems too impersonal, doesn’t really build trust. I suppose I could use it with clients who are out of town, but I still just e-mail, they fax back with signature, after we have talked about it. So I don’t really have any need for the online agreement.

All my biz is on the web.
All of us do it different.
However remember NACHI is a web based association and doing well.

Hi Adam,

I take the agreement with me and have them sign at the inspection. I also can manually do a credit card transaction on site.

I do it pretty much like James and I have the signed agreement in my hand before I go to the inspection whether the client will be there or not…gives 'em time to read it and ask questions. :wink:

Ever had a client not show up? Ever had them cancel or reschudule the inspection and “forget” to call you to tell you it was cancelled or rescheduled?

99% of the time I insist on a signed agreement prior to leaving the house. I don’t want to drive a hour and have a no-show client. If they cancel with less than 24 hours notice, they get charged in full (never had to actually do that but they are warned about it in my agreement). It happended to me once before (a no-show client after I drove 50 miles)–once was enough. (NC actually requires a signed agreement prior to performing a home inspection.)