The Pacific

I’m excited about this HBO mini series that follows three Marines through the Pacific theater. I picked up the book “I’m staying with my boys” the authorized biography of John Basilone at the airport today. I understand he is one of the featured Marines.

Definitely one to DVR. It starts tonight!

I am as well. There was an interesting article in a recent Time magazine about Tom Hanks and this series. It’s almost hard to believe that without him the national WWII memorial may not have happened.

It’s a keeper for sure. My son is a huge WWII history buff and will be watching.

I am watching 10 pm.

Semper Fi!!!

This mini series is very impressive so far.

My Father-in-Law who will be turning 88 this next July, served in the Pacific theatre during WWII, he is a Purple-Heart Army Veteran. He was shot in the leg just above the knee 2 days prior to the Jap surrender. He doesnt talk much about it except on occasion when he hears of a buddy who had passed or one of the great grandkids ask, my brother-in-law and myself served in Nam and did’nt hear much from his experiences when we were younger, but the great grandkids can sure pull the info from him when he is in the mood. I don’t watch much cable T.V. except for sportscasts (ESPN, etc.) involving one of my favorite teams. With that being said I most likely will not see this wartime series. Besides if I need to know something about it I can always get one of my grandkids to ask there great-grandfather about it…:wink:

The book “The Pacific” is being sold now.

Made me think of My Uncle Frank…Good program

I dont get HBO, but want to see this. Any ideas?

My Grandfather, and his cousin joined the war effort to gain American citizenship and fought in the Pacific. His cousins name was Rene Gagnon, and was one of the flag raisers on Iwo Jima. If you have seen the Clint Eastwood movie “Flags of our Fathers” You know about him. Two of my cousins make a cameo in the film.

You can watch it here. You just have to register.