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Cross-connect snafu: NC families drink wastewater

7/26/2007 2:33:36 PM

CARY, NC — A man whose family drank and bathed in treated wastewater for about five months due to a public works department snafu told WRAL News that it never occurred to him that such a situation could happen here.

According to the report, updated July 26, Vinay Jain and his family knew the tap water tasted funny, but they never suspected that the reclaimed water they use for irrigation somehow was being delivered to their indoor faucets.

About 500 homes in Cary have irrigation systems served by reclaimed water.

Mike Bajorek, head of the Public Works Department (PWD), said in the report that crews went door-to-door to inspect all the reclaimed water systems and found that one other home also had a cross-connection.

The two families were put up in a local hotel while the PWD flushed their pipes with chlorine disinfectant.

Bajorek told NBC 17 that his department didn’t know how the mix-up happened, but that they were continuing their investigation.

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I’m disturbed that treated wastewater is being sprayed on my lettuce.

Just how long ago DID You do the Inspection Jim?

LOL…NC is a bit out of my territory. I won’t travel any farther east than Ohio, Larry.

Wow… what a bummer.
That would make me start spitting for weeks…