The peril of letting kids play with Lego

Its not just stepping barefoot on tiny plastic boobie traps anymore

Its time for a new building process that is safe, strong, fire/ insect resistant, and efficiency should be on everyones mind.


I like it.

Thanks for posting.

Lots of training on all aspects to speed up time for new buildings. I have no clue why anyone would ever frame 16 on center any longer.

I would imagine two things would be shadowing and shear strength.

With 24" vs 16" on a 20’ wall, you’d save like 3 studs. Not worth the sacrifice in strength to me, and any thermal penalty for 16 instead of 24 would be minimal.

But I’m like Buzz Lightyear…“Above and Beyond”…the minimum.

Very wrong as there is an extreme penalty based on the complete design of value engineering.
There is lots to say about the cost savings and if you have time you can learn more.

You are on a roll today!

Way back when, any walls I ever built were at minimum, 16 on center. Most were 12 on center. That also goes for firring strips for drywall. If you want a wall to look like the ocean, 24 on center is the way to go!

Yes Eric I can agree if you follow that minimum code thingy. LOL

I wouldn’t frame a dog house on 24" center.
Poochie deserves better:)

Great for investors. Horrible for skilled labor.

So doesn’t anyone at least suspect that this is a carefully crafted scam to get ‘investor’ money? :slight_smile: I am afraid to give em my email address, anyone want to step up?