The Pickens Plan and Energy Use

In the large spectrum of things, The Pickens Plan is working on reducing foreign dependence on oil, and the Pickens Plan is very receptive to Energy and Healthy Home Inspections throughout the Country. This saves money, the environment…one home at a time!

I am pleased to announce that as a NACHI Member and School owner, I have been selected to become District Leader for New York Congressional District 2 to work towards energy independence and bills relating to positive steps to benefit New Yorkers and the entire country. to join for free and get involved in Green reforms throughout the Country. This will benefit homwoeners and our profession as well.

Want more information, call me at 631-563-7720

The last thing i knew about T-BOON Was he was back to drilling holes in the ground looking for oil:mrgreen: He was only in the wind thing for the money. but he got smart and saw that there was no money in the big wind farm.

I think i will stay with the oil. you can have the wind…

My Harley needs gas.:mrgreen:



Here’s alternative energy in action in central Il last month…Not one of them was operating.

I wonder where the electricity was coming from while these were sitting idol? Hmmmm. Can anyone say ‘coal’. :mrgreen: