The Pickens Plan

NACHI needs to get onboard with this guy some how.


(from that site in bold)

In 1970, we imported 24% of our oil.
Today it’s nearly 70% and growing.

One could assume that the key is to import less oil.
Sounds good to me - lets produce more here! :mrgreen:

But that is not Picken’s Plan

Well, then Mr. Pickens is an idiot.

But, from what I gather he wants to build a big wind farm so we get our electricity form him, right?

How would that reduce our dependace on foreign OIL?

Because , according to him, the Natural Gas being used to produce energy NOW , would be used for transportaion fuel instead. Reducing the amount of imported foreign oil needed by about 20%.


Oil to Wind to Gas :roll:

Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure Pickens isn’t an idiot. Shrewed business man yes, Idiot NO

I just really feel this guy is ready to make a difference and can.

NACHI members could get in early with this guy and who knows we might get allot of publicity.

Lets face it Oil is dead Wind is alive so lets see where this guy can take us.

Something like that.

He’s spending a lot of money with on radio and TV add blitzes.

Of course he just happens to own a very large windfarm and says it can all be done with private investment but then later admits government subsidies are needed. That’s a big go figure, eh?

I agree with his idea of reducing foreign dependence but I’ve been hearing that for over 30 years. :roll::roll:

Oil is far far from dead. There are vast untapped oil reserves in the form of oil shale and oil sand on the North America continent.

He’s bold and giving it the hard sell but much more has to be said about the particulars.

I’m of the opinion that if it requires government subsidies there is something seriously wrong with the plan.

What happens if he builds the wind farm and gets alot of wind - I mean A LOT - like F4 quantities of wind?

Sorry Frank, I’m not bought in.

Worse than that, what if the wind don’t blow?

Remember last Summer in Texas?

I know but lets just see for the next few weeks where this guy can really take us.

He sure makes me feel good for some reason.

If harnessing natural forces is going to be the rage, I’d prefer solar.

If the sun didn’t shine, we’d have bigger problems than how to make the morning coffee. :mrgreen:

Nobody wants oil any more, you don’t I don’t and your grandkids don’t.

My wife and I are going down to Kroger tonight to fill up our cars. We will spend about $165.00. The majority of that money will go to some Arab who will take a dump on a solid gold toilet today and all his neighbors will be digging holes to go in with nothing.

Oil is dead my friend, and nobody wants to dig our land (mess it up) to get what we have so lets just see past what you think might be this guys motive and lets look at what he is saying. Can we do that Mike, just for 2 weeks?

Wind produces energy and so does solar but the cost per kilowatt is very high.

Ask your self why T. Boone(who seems like a swell guy) doesn’t mention coal for electric production.

If we burned more coal for electric that would free up even more Natural gas for autos and home heating.

The Pickens Plan is a bridge to the future — a blueprint to reduce foreign oil dependence by harnessing domestic energy alternatives, and buy us time to develop even greater new technologies.
Building new wind generation facilities and better utilizing our natural gas resources can replace more than one-third of our foreign oil imports in 10 years. But it will take leadership.
On January 20th, 2009, a new President will take office.
We’re organizing behind the Pickens Plan now to ensure our voices will be heard by the next administration.
Together we can raise a call for change and set a new course for America’s energy future in the first hundred days of the new presidency — breaking the hammerlock of foreign oil and building a new domestic energy future for America with a focus on sustainability.
You can start changing America’s future today by supporting the Pickens Plan.

If you want to replace only 1/3 of the foreign oil imports in 10 years, It is very doable with more drilling and even only shale which last time I checked was economically recoverable at at oil prices well below the current levels.

In the $60 to $70 range if memory serves.

Frank, I do believe that we would all agree on needing

I don’t know if wind is it. It may be a part of a broader plan.

I don’t buy the idea that the wind “plan” is the be-all end-all to our problems.
I don’t think there is one single solution, rather it will take a broad range of actions to free us from dependance on foriegn oil.

I like the idea of producing our own oil.

That does not mean that that is the only thing I think we need to do. Conservation, new technologies, etc all need to be part of the plan.


I think the key words in any discussion are “foriegn oil”. If we were currently producing our own oil in the quantities of OPEC we wouldn’t even have this discussion.