The place was alive with mold and now I'm sick.

H1N1 like virus has hit Alberta area

That is highly recommended. Only take antibiotics as a last recourse. Beef and chicken are given more antibiotics than a human takes in a life time. we eat the meat and become immune to a degree. Very good point Nick.

We are all here for you buddy.
Just don’t sneeze at the screen, OK.:wink:

Who got their foot amputated?

I picked up H1N1 mid November, I’m still not completely over it, going out and working for half a day seems to set me back a couple days of recovery, but ya know, bills have to be paid.

i gave up 3 hi’s and worked sick only to end up in bed.
I had an expert witness to do. 2 days in before i was called.
In bed for 3 days afetr that.

When I feel my lungs and thoat being hindered by mold, I get out of the house as fast as I can. That stuff can be bad news.

A few years back, I told an inspector I was mentoring that when he walks into a home which has a lot of mold, he needs to go back to his truck and get his respirator. Several months later he was in a moldy house and did not put on his respirator. He got sick and could not work for over a week. Now when he even comes close to mold, his nose starts to bleed. His hope of a big career in mold has ended. Sad but true.

I do not know about you James, John, Nick and colleagues, but 3 years prior, almost four but I had been a member for several months and Roy was mentoring me, before mold became an hot issue, several of the INACHI MEMBERS use to scoff at mold, saying it was fear mongering to create an added inspection industry benefit.

Geese Louise the back and forth that use to erupt with some threads going over the top.
Any one remember?:roll:

Some things I learned early in life: Is that we can all be ignorant about a certain subject, but we can fix that by actually learning the subject fully. Also you cannot fix the stupid, because there is more than ignorance troubling them.

Well put.

The student you mentored maybe fortunate having to reallocate his business plans. An error in dangerous conditions can prove to be life changing.

Things happen for a reason.
When you get lemons, make lemon-aid.:wink:

Best regards Mr. B.

Ain’t that the truth. I’ve learned!
I’m still sick been running a fever for over 10 days at about 100 deg. Not to mention the other symptoms.
Went back to the doc today and he says it is bacterial or fungal that is causing my problem. I’m over two weeks into this.
The chest xrays came back clear. Good!
From now on it is tyvek suit with gloves, top of the line respirator.
One suit per crawl.

Roy, glad to hear the chest X-rays were clear. My wife is a nurse and there are some real horror stories about mold.

We are pulling for you!

Yep ! My wife is a nurse coordinator at U of F ( Shands) Gainesville for over 20 years. She is pissed that I didn’t take better precautions.
All my inspector buddies have told her to kick my a ss cause I knew better.
All you have to do is let your guard down just one time to catch an upper cut.

Thanks you Robert.
I know you mean it.

Roy L.

Roy, I am sure everyone only wishes you all the best.
We are all in your corner buddy.

Just a simple question. Why would you even enter that house? I would not get near it without a hazmat suit. And what client would even thing about buying it. Sometimes its better to cut your losses and move on.

Wow, am I seeing that right?
99% Humidity? Time for the bulldozer!

Hope all well buddy. what’s up Roy?