The pleasure of mold

Ugh. Occasionally I search for any lurking nonsense on the internet about mold which is being used to misinform consumers. It’s a sick hobby as it always leaves me annoyed. Such as

I hope this has educated all my fellow inspectors about the hazards of mold on the exterior of the houses you inspect. :roll:

Well, at least this time I got a good laugh.

I may have to look into this man’s claims a bit further… :mrgreen:

Since it is on the internet it must be true.

He forgot to mention it should be tested first by a square one home inspector to ensure it’s actually mold.

Pleasure washer? That’s what I call a bidet.

None of the restoration industry standards highlight " “killing mold” as part of the remediation process. They do highlight removal of mold. Mold and microbial activity make up 25 percent of the planet surface. How much killing and removal would have to take place to solve that issue. Put down your Internet articles and step away from the computer.

I’m doing my part. I hunt mushrooms every spring and use blue cheese dressing on hot wings.:slight_smile:

he sounds like an expert. He may be related or work with Kevin.

lol!! Careful, Juan. I got a nasty personal message a while back for making the same reference!

I’m not scared :slight_smile:

You should be. There could be killer toxic black dirt on your veranda this very minute.:slight_smile:

veranda…it’s “Yankee” code for covered porch.

I wonder if the wife will think I flipped if I told her to bring me a cold one out on the veranda.

She’d say that ain’t here sister’s name!! :|.)

Reminds me of an old joke about kids knowing too much. Two five-year-olds overheard talking to each other:

*Did you hear that Charlie Smith’s mom found a condom on the veranda?
**What’s a veranda?