The price of internships

Hello everybody I am located in Connecticut and inquiring about internships.

I spoke to one person who does supervisions and they mentioned that I would need to pay $5000 up front for the first 10 supervised home inspections and would need to pay $8000 over the course of the next 90 inspections unsupervised.

I would like to know if this is pretty standard or if it is a good deal or a bad one.

Thank you

That’s an average of $130 each. Looks fair to me, as long as the person is qualified themselves! and not simply just licensed. If he is a crap inspector, there is no value to you whatsoever! Do your research and protect your investment and future!


the would be the best method of due diligence? at least as far as being able to tell if they are worth the money or sight red flags before I hand over any money. Sorry I am very new to this.

Begin with the State of Connecticut to verify their license standing, InterNachi and Google.
Is he/she a member of ANY associations? Check their website/MB’s for info on them.
Google their business name and personal name. Do they have a website? Compare it to others in the industry.
Google… dig back 10-20+ pages to see if they actually have any longterm history so you know they have been around awhile and not another newbie hurting for income! Also, keep in mind that someone that has been in the business a long time doesn’t mean a quality (current) inspector. It is common for inspectors and contractors to become lackadaisical as the years go by.
Question anything that doesn’t pass the ‘smell’ test!
AND, whoever you decide on working with… if there is to be an exchange of money… ABSOLUTELY be certain there is a contract spelling out ALL the details before handing over one single penny!!
Good luck.


I really appreciate the advice!
thank you

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I would add to Jeff’s awesome advice, make sure that your mentor doesn’t impose any type of non-compete as part of the agreement to provide you the training you require.


Welcome the the InterNACHI forum, Kevin McGuire.
Hope to see more of you and your posts in the future.

1: INTERNSHIP: the position of a student or trainee ‘who works in an organization,’ sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

2: MENTORING; is a protected relationship, which supports learning and experimentation, and helps individuals develop their potential.

Are you looking for 1: Internship or 2: mentoring?

I do not know, nor have not heard, of Internships in the home inspection services arena.
InterNACHI Proper may fit that bill, or any very large multi inspection firm or franchise.

Mentoring. Follow this link.

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