The problem with Ontario home inspectors

The Ontario government intends to license home inspectors, making it only the 3rd province in Canada to do so.

According to McClure, past president of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI), it’s the realtors.

“Realtors recommend their favourite inspectors to their client,” he says. “If you are a home inspector and your reports cost them sales, you will be blacklisted,”

Good read.

Unfortunately this does happen .
Many years ago when I was inspecting I got a phone call from a person I had done an inspection for previously to do an inspection for him again .He said I am on my way to Germany and will be back in a week . I called the agent in the morning and was told sorry you can not do the inspection I only allow Xxxx Home inspector to do my homes .

That article is from 2013??
First and foremost people whether clients or agents have a choice. If they choose not to use your services based on the fact that they are happy with their present home inspector …so be it. It is up to the BUYER to decide and do their homework, I realize that the first point of contact is the REA so it is up to you the inspector to win them over by proving your skills to them, in either a real situation inspection or by offering training sessions for agents and new agents in their office.
Therefore it stands to reason that you must present yourself to both an REA and a perspective client and win their trust.
You will undoubtedly be blamed for costing a sale it is up to YOU to remind both buyer and REA that you did not create the conditions found but merely reported them so that an informed decision can be made. If you are a reactive person who doesn’t present the facts in a knowledgeable and non scare tactic way you will not be successful and therefore not be recommended.
Remind each client at the start of every inspection that for every problem there is a solution that time and money will repair, but you have to weigh how much time and money you want to invest versus walking away! JMO

The idea behind the post/thread was, awareness.
New homies can easily get underbussed, along with their clients getting too little information. The minimum required SoP inspection.

I understand, everyone has a choice when hiring either a REA or home inspector.
I ask you these 4 questions:
1: Whom do home buyers contact first when looking for a home?
2: Where do home purchaser’s get the bulk of their home buying information from?
3: Do REA offer home inspector lists?
4: Ask those savvy clients that did their homework and took the time to vet a their prospective home inspector, did you do the same for your real estate agent? :roll:

Let it be in Ontario or Quebec, Scot. Homebuyers get the bulk of their information from real estate agents.
As well, even mortgage companies and banks stear home purchasers’ to their preferred Real Estate Agencies, which in turn strear that prospective client to a real estate agent.

There is no getting around it Scott, home purchasers’ as well as homeowners get the bulk of their information from REA.

First time home buyers looking to remodel that perfect home. REA steer them to cash con/tractors. Home purchasers looking for cheap, tax free repairs go to?

Most home inspectors I know, including yourself and your Ontario association directors, walk on eggshells talking about conflicted interests between refered home inspectors.
To me, that is too bad, and so sad.

If REA home inspector referrals were killed by government legislation, home inspectors/home inspection business would survive off their merits alone and not REA referrals.
As Barbossa/Hector said at the meeting at Shipwreck Cove, as he addressed the pirate lords about why they were there and the code, “You all know this to be true.”

I was reading this post and have asked the OAHI numerous times and won’t really give me an answer. In Ontario is it required to be part of the OAHI, CHAPI, or any other organization?? I am already a member of InterNachi isn’t that all you need technically?


Can’t help but wonder, Roy; did you tell her that she had no say in the matter, that you had been hired by your client and that was that? Was she really prepared to intervene and try to prevent you from serving her client?