The propaganda continues

Some homeowners who spent thousands of dollars on improvements to protect their homes against hurricanes and qualify for insurance discounts – only to have them revoked – may score discounts once again.

That’s because the Office of Insurance Regulation has clarified a form home inspectors and insurers use to verify discounts after construction industry officials complained there were too many gray areas that caused homeowners to lose legitimate discounts.

But some inspectors say the new form is worse, and could lead to more discounts being revoked. For instance, they said homeowners would have a harder time qualifying for discounts for hurricane shutters. They said the new form also didn’t eliminate a requirement that inspectors include photos and permits for most upgrades, which inspectors say is difficult and in some cases, impossible.

For instance, it would be impossible in most cases to photograph the secondary water barrier under a roof between it’s under the top layer of the roof.

The Florida Cabinet will consider approving the new form Tuesday.

Several changes to the form are expected to help homeowners qualify for discounts. The new form would effectively:

Allow discounts for tile roofs. For years, insurance companies gave homeowners discounts on their premiums for installing tile roofs but some revoked the discounts in recent years after regulators made changes to the form last year. Some inspectors said the form didn’t include a place for them to report tile roofs were installed on some homes.

Allow more discounts for how a roof deck is attached to the main part of a roof. A roof deck is the layer of roofing material between the main roof and other insulating and weatherproofing layers. The new form would simplify and broaden what qualifies for discounts.

Allow discounts for strong wall materials, even if the home has wood gables. The new from would remove a section on wall construction. Since the section asked inspectors what percentage of the wall was made of wood versus concrete or reinforced masonry, some homeowners were losing their discounts if their insurers or inspectors included wood gables as part of the walls.

Photo: An employee of Category 5 Hurricane Shutters installs shutters on a home in Delray Beach. (Jim Rassol, Sun Sentinel)

Stay tuned.

I spoke to a very nice reporter today and I believe her story will be out tomorrow :slight_smile:

Be nice to her Mike. She contacted me too.

Well titled post. Might also call it the Bullsh*t continues.

Yeah, if this new form goes as is that will sure be some ridiculous bullsh-t that will hurt inspectors and homeowners both.

Thank you for expressing yourself and exercising your 1st amendment rights.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

I do think it will stay as is. It seems those in charge think it is dandy :frowning:

It has gotten worse and more difficult to do correctly each time they have changed it. Nothing good comes of the changes for inspectors or homeowners only good for the Insurance Companies.

I don’t know about that. If you notice the flat roof designation is now gone for less than 5 units (thats all single family residences) and if the morons don’t change the flat roof designation parameters they have it reversed and now it is 90% flat before it is flat according to the form.

Looks like they may be also starting to give a partial credit for non-miami dade HVAZ areas for unrated shutters or other shutters that are rated for lower impact and garage doors rated only for pressure cycling. It is still too complicated and too many items that we certify by inspection are immpossible to fully verify.

The program is a mistake. The inspections should be contracted and paid for by the insurance company and if the homeowner wants to challenge the findings they can hire the inspector of their choice. I would do those inspections but not for Less than 300 bucks.

Flat roof: roof on a building with five or more units where at least 90% of the main roof area has a slope of less than 2:12.

According to that statement a flat roof only applies to a building with five or more units. I think they meant to say five or less units. From what they have written a single family home will either have be a hip roof or it has to be classified as other

The solution is too simple. At renewal cancel the old 1802. Check the new 1802. If its good give credits, if its bad reject it. Re-inspections always make someone angry.

But all of those poor re-inspectors would be out of work:twisted:

No they won’t. The inspections will still need to get done. We do new inspections for old clients everyday.

Nope they will continue doing the screwed up inspections that caused them to get hired as re-inspectors.

There are no nice reporters, let’s see how she spins your comments depending on the editors wants/needs.

She was pleasant to talk to.

What is she going to do get a bunch of Nachi guys that only hold inspector licenses mad at me :slight_smile:

I am already in that boat.

I have serious problems with everything the state has done with regard to Home Inspectors. I disagree with just about everything that happens .

I do believe if I am going to continue in the wind mit business I just may hire a bunch of guys at the lowest price possible then charge less for a wind mit than everyone else and make a little bit off of each one. I have tried not to do that for the benefit of all but I guess I must play with the cards I am dealt by the State.

After all how long can I possibly keep climbing into asinine places just for some a s s hole at an insurance company. I am 42 now.

I really wonder about the majority of home inspectors actually being to be able to do such things. From the last meeting I went to it did not look like we are the most physically fit profession out there. I saw a great many guys that I damn sure know would not fit into some of the hatches I squeeze my 6’ 215 lb pound a s s into.

I got into the insurance inspecting business because I figured I could make a decent salary doing honest work and by doing everything myself. It just does not make anysense to me to bust my a s s for pennies anymore. I would rATHER WORK MAYBE A LITTLE LONGER AND MAKE A LITTLE LESS BUT WORK RIGHT OUT OF MY OFFICE . damn caps.

Nope she nailed it.,0,7193063.story

Dang Mike you should have made them put a link to your website in the report! Thats what I do

I did not even know she was putting my name in it.

Now my website can say as seen in the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel :slight_smile:

I guess a little birdie whispered in her ear :slight_smile: He He He

About how Wayne and us got screwed.

William so far she seems to be one of the good ones :slight_smile:

I would suggest anyone with any info about how the homeowners and clients get screwed in this state contact her anytime something comes up.

I did hear from a source that she is out of D.C. now but that does not matter to me.

She was polite, concerned and responsive. Anyone ever need her email just drop me an email.

MM gives a new meaning to “Twitter” Nice!