The Purpose of Marketing is Not to Get More Work

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #1

The Purpose of Marketing is Not to Get More Work.

I often hear inspectors say “I don’t need to market, I have enough work.”

I know many think that the purpose of marketing is to get more work. It’s not. The purpose of marketing is to increase net profits. When you market (assuming you aren’t target marketing to a particular segment), you increase demand in each segment of your inspection work.

For fun, let’s create 3 hypothetical segments:

#1: barely profitable jobs.
#2: fairly profitable jobs.
#3: very profitable jobs.

I’m simplifying this for purposes of demonstration. And we’re assuming that your marketing isn’t targeting any particular segment.

Anyway, when you market, demand in all 3 segments increases.

Now for nearly all home inspectors, supply is limited. You can only do so many inspections a week. You’re limited by time and the sun has a say in your day as well (you can’t inspect after the sun goes down).

So if supply is a constant and demand increases due to marketing, your reaction shouldn’t be to “do more work.” That would be goofy and lead you to say stuff like “I don’t need to market because I’m blessed to have more work than I want.”

Your reaction should be to do the same work or even less work (yes, marketing should not only increase profits but also potentially decrease your work load at the same time). You do this by accepting all the work in segment #3 and all or some of the work in segment #2. Marketing allows you to be more selective and thus end up with only "very profitable jobs.

With Certified Master Inspector® (CMI®), which is an outrageously efficient marketing tool, this not only works as explained but you also enjoy the synergy of it, by nature, being a marketing tool that targets those consumers wanting the best. Those clients are in segment #3 (very profitable jobs).

So you get a triple whammy from CMI® in that it gets you more work without you having to do more work, thus allowing you to choose the most profitable jobs, allows you to do less inspections while increasing your net profit, and also targets the best clients. Bam, bam bam!

Remember, just as you are not in business to do work (that’s not the purpose of being in business)… you should not market to do more work (that’s not the purpose of marketing). It turns out, they both have the same exact purpose… increased net. And increased net is what puts food on the table for your family and piles of money in your bank account.

You don’t want to make the life mistake I made when I was younger; I worked for years at a career, worked my butt off, and in the end, had nothing to show for it. I’ve since wised up as have about 1,000 inspectors in our industry. You can find them at

(Robert Young) #2

I couldn’t agree more strongly, Nick.

Anyone ever tell you, hay Nick, “You’re the best” lately?