The raccoons get stronger every day

…and now I know why. :mrgreen:

The Raccoons put that up there…?..:smiley:

Pretty wild in your part of the country Kent…:smiley:

Bizarre framing

Twisted logs

Odd decks

Raccoons doing strange things…:smiley:

Is there still a lot of the Peace Love and Hippie Bead people in your neck of the woods…?..:smiley: …:-;; …with VW Vans…?..:lol:

Kenton, looks like some re-pointing is needed, plus, are you walking on a roof? don’t you know that’s dangerous and you could get hurt, I hope you had you OSHA approved safety harness on :frowning:

Don’t see too many of the VW vans anymore Dale, except sitting on blocks out in the woods. There is a town about 20 miles up into the mountains called Ward where people like to wear swords, though. Scimitars, sabres, daggers… not everybody you understand, but here and there. The further back into the mountains you go, the stranger it can get, especially once you get away from the tourist destinations.

I inspected a little log home from '39 up there and found the furnace had been buried in a foam-lined pit in the back yard. Pipe sticking up out of the dirt for a vent and a duct run underground popped out in the crawlspace.

Walking roofs… golf shoes Peter. Evenings around the fire touching up those spikes with a file. Doesn’t work too well on tile, though. Leaves scratch marks all the way down to the gutter.