The Real Truth about Chinese Drywall with Wally Conway at InterNACHI Jaxonville 8/15.

received this morning ;~))

New Taishan Claim - URGENT - DEADLINE TODAY for new plaintiffs‏
This message is for those with Taishan type drywall that missed the claim filing deadline or discovered it in the last couple of years. I am using my newsletter group to try to reach all those that could be affected.

If you had an inspection by CDS over the last few years you should have previously received an email from me last week about the deadline today (June 22nd) to get into the lawsuit. Taishan/China is participating in the lawsuit and it looks promising that there will be a settlement (caveat, I am not an attorney and this is an unofficial opinion, etc.)

I recommend that you contact an attorney asap if you have Chinese drywall and are not currently in the Chinese Drywall lawsuit.

(Sorry for late notice if you are just now getting this, bad timing that I have been out of town with no cell service and wasn’t able to get this out sooner. I am traveling back today and will try to respond to any calls and emails but they may be delayed.)

I hope to send out a newsletter update on the Taishan Trial.

There should be a link below to unsubscribe if you have moved on and no longer wish to receive emails on Chinese drywall.

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