The Russians: Nick Gromicko with InterNACHI's Editor-in-Chief Kate Tarasenko.

InterNACHI’s rockets are superior to that of the other associations.

Nice hats

"InterNACHI’s rockets are superior " … Totally agree !!!

Coon Hats are cool.
Bought one for GF instead and was jealous every time she wore it.

Yours looks higher end however.


I thought you are Ukrainians. :slight_smile:

Putin says Ukranians are Russians.

You’re Canadian Yuri, so you can complain about Putin.

Americans can’t.

I thought y’all were Americans. :slight_smile:

I believe Yuri is Canadian, so he has a right to complain about Putin.

Americans can’t.

I’m not talking about Putin. I’m talking about Gromicko and Tarasenko. :slight_smile:

Well, the name Tarasenko with the “enko” is definitely Ukranian. But as Putin says, the Ukraine is part of Russia.

Yes, we must clarify, Comrade Gromicko!

My roots are 100% Ukrainian. I’m a first-generation American. (My relatives would be spinning in their graves to be referred to as Russian. All of them – especially the living ones! – are staunchly independent Ukies.)

Gromicko is ever loyal to the Politburo and will no doubt be richly rewarded someday for his advancement of the Soviet agenda in the U.S.! :mrgreen:

But you can’t knock a cool hat, can you?

Putin for President. We need a President who doesn’t seek “regime change” all over the world.

Wake up nicky.

He wants to reassemble the USSR to its fomer so called glory.

Better to have a Putin who merely “wants” to invade Eastern-block countries that border his, than a Bush or an Obama who “actually” invade sovereign nations on the other side of the world.

Peace on Earth
Putin for President

Yeah, you should ask Ukraine about that. Wake up

Considering that the U.S. spends 40% of the entire world’s military budget, much of it on invading the wrong countries on the other side of the world, I guess you, I, and every other American can’t complain about Putin wanting bordering Ukraine to be a part of Russia.

You know nicky. when you are wrong it best to just to admit it instead of trying to spin it.


Peace on Earth
Putin for President