The secret document

It seems there is a secret document out there somewhere that details the Florida S.O.P.

Only the people that oppose licensing have seen it.

Now I am not a skeptic but secret documents that are passed around to only a few are detrimental because we have to take someone else’s word that it is baaaaaaad!!!

I was told that the secret doc will make us no better than Texas with 100.00 home inspections. So I started a thread over in Texas and found it interesting that their SOP has nothing to do with low ballers.

Let’s take this argument away from the anti’s and find out the real reason the anti’s are against licensing.

i dont think the sop is secret, im pretty sure it was posted here

Link please.

What is the purpose of “taking” the argument away from the antis’? What is happening is called “debate” and it used to be a good thing. Unfortunately, it seems now that if you have an opposing view on either side, there must be a secret reason or conspiracy- or you are just plain dumb for not getting it. That is unfortunate as it hinders/stifles honest and open debate. There are several good reasons for supporting repeal- just as there are good reasons for supporting licensing. Both sides of the issue have merit- depending on your own personal situation, business philosophy, and political philosophy.

The SOP will not get passed through the “rule making process” without a public hearing for all to see and comment. (That is a fact- not speculation)

Excuse meeeeeeeeeeee. There are influential home inspectors who would support licensing except for this so called SOP. I am all for debate as long as their isn’t any miss information going around.

This forum provides a way to call a spade a spade without being told to shut up and sit down.

There is always a secret reason, conspiracy or hidden agendas. It’s the american in me.

Keep up the good work and support your local home inspector.

Do you have the secret password?

Swordfish? :slight_smile:

The old comedy was great Thanks… Roy