The Secret

How to be the first one to reply and win the prize. Low price of 19.95. Buy with Pay Pal. Get the secret now before the big prize is offered.

payment sent:D

Will the secret be good for next year? :mrgreen:

Thank You Greg—I made it an even 20.00 (.05 Tip)....send the info fast plz---:lol:---:-

I was just telling everyone about the secret at my table.

I’ll give you the secret for $49.95 - Greg is a lowballer.
My secret is better. :mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

I already know the secret. I just need to move away from the computer for a minute. Happens every time;)

The secret is all sold out. I am going to call it a night so that one of my customers can win the big prize.

Good Luck!!!