The Shame of American Health Care

So you say.

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Does that mean, in your mind, having three wives battle cancer would equal zero medical bills? :roll:

What’s your point and what does this story have to do with the proposed Heath care legislation?

My point is…
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You tried to discredit my comment that he either owed or paid more than $11K in medical bills by saying “That’s the problem - you’re just guessing”

Your statement could lead one to think that you believe that having three wives with cancer would have cost him less that $11K. Even in your world, that has to sound silly. :shock:

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I sorry but you are just making it up.

Can you admit you were just guessing?

And please tell everyone what this sad story has to do with the proposed legislation.

Blow me, very much. :stuck_out_tongue:

After Katrina, I caught a rare form of EColi while serving a church in New Orleans. I am the only person in America to survive this particular EColi. I can no longer get any life insurance and I can not change my health insurance no matter how high it goes because no one else will take it. However, I do not want the government running my healthcare - look at post office, HUD, DOT, etc. Several universities offered me free treatment top study it BUT hardly no one wanted to cure it. America is still the greatest country bar none. Our healthcare needs help but not government takeover.

Making up what?

That cancer treatments cost more than $11,000?

If you think otherwise, just say so.

Yes, I am guessing, but an educated guess. I have never seen the sticker price on a Ferarri, but I guess It would be more than $30,000. Am I wrong there too?

I never said this had anything to do with the current mess.

Well thanks then for the meaningless thread drift Rick.:roll::roll:

Mikey’s hatred is not just skin deep it runs right down to the marrow, any deviation from from the never-ending script that runs through his brain must be annihilated, there is only one truth and Mikey is it’s vanguard. :roll:

I’ve stayed away from these threads for a while and I’m quickly remebering why.
Lets recap…

I responded to …
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Seems you’ve taken issue with my “guessing” that cancer treatments for three wives is more than $11,000.

The fact is, that, by God’s grace, I don’t know how much cancer treatments cost. Having a brain, however, I can be fairly certain, although not positive, that the treatments (for 3 wives) would be more than $11K.

If you think that “guess” is inacurate, please, fill me in on the cost of treatments.

As for the thread drift, I was just trying to correct Keith’s misinformation, so talk to him.