The solution to the run on the banks:


Is it not the point of raising interest rates to stifle the economy, increase unemployment and remove cash?

So when this actually happens, they fix it by infusing more cash. Brilliant. Not to mention, the FDIC has now set a precedent that no bank can actually fail.

So what do these CEO’s do? Pull out a ton of cash the day before the collapse and let the government cover their stupidity.


What good is a ton of cash really? Taken to the nth degree this only makes sense if you are buying back your own stock? Guessing on an up market. :thinking: :money_with_wings: :rofl:


I’m sure you already realize that’s the solution for all of OBiden caused problems!

Reinstate the equivalent of the Glass Steagull act.

And if we are going to still collectively, imaginatively, consider corporations having person hood, then they should be treated like common criminals.

Immediate dissolution of any company, and subsidiaries, committing over $10 million in fraud, or loss of client’s funds.

Capital punishment for all the board of directors of any institution defaulting on over $100 million.

That would be a start to the solution of the run on banks. Bring back the trust.


Hilarious and true…the real solution is going back to the gold standard and getting rid of the Fed…oops…please don’t censor me…


Ya bunch of morons running/ruining the country.

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The only way for America to stay strong is through competent leadership. We have neither competence nor leadership. The word tells me to pray for our leaders and I am looking for a miracle :wink:

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