The Sound of Freedom

Nope… this is not one of those there are good people on both sides bullshit, put down the fucking kool-aid, it’s time to leave the picnic. :thinking:

It went right over your head apparently. I was not defending Alex Jones. I was defending free speech and you do not get to decide when or when we are not allowed to disagree with the press or government.


Let Freedumb Ring


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More like D-O-P-E



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Justice Brett Kavanaugh was shut down by his Supreme Court colleagues over a case challenging online sports gambling.

In Monday’s order list, the court denied a petition of writ from West Flagler Associates and Bonita-Fort Myers Corporation—two rival gaming competitors—asking the justices to invalidate a compact made between the Seminole Tribe of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis that gave the tribe exclusive rights to run mobile sports wagering and casino gambling in Florida.

But while the majority of justices chose to end the legal fight over the compact, Kavanaugh, who previously made comments suggesting he saw merit in the case, voted to grant the petition. Because the Supreme Court requires at least four justices to grant certiorari in order to take up a case, Kavanaugh’s sole vote is not enough for oral arguments to be granted in the Florida case.

Texas megachurch pastor Robert Morris, who Donald Trump once named as a spiritual adviser to his administration, announced he was stepping down from Gateway Church amid allegations he molested a 12-year-old girl in the 1980s.

The resignation comes days after Morris, 62, seemingly admitted to molesting the girl in a statement to The Christian Post. In that statement, he conceded that he engaged in “inappropriate sexual behavior” with a “young lady” when he was already married with a child in his early 20s.

Morris didn’t mention the girl’s age—but his alleged victim, Cindy Clemishire, told the religious watchdog blog The Wartburg Watch on Friday that she was only 12 when she was first sexually abused by Morris on Christmas Day in 1982. She claimed that he invited her into the room he was staying in at her family home during a visit, and touched her inappropriately on her breasts and “under her panties.”

Mrs. Trump said that she happened to see him on television recently ranting about sharks and boats and was struck by how much he had deteriorated over the past three years.

“He was incoherent before, but now he be worst,” she said.

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This shlt is sick and needs to be stopped.

The CNN Debate has to be a trap, Trump is nuts to show up. :thinking:

Another pedo caught by The Predator Poachers… :+1:

Watch out FJB.

Pedo Predator banned by X bots after busting high ranking DNC pedo gets reinstated after by Elon after interview.

Compilation of 82 videos telling the truth about the open border…