The straight skinny on maintaining telescoping ladders

I was finally able to hunt down Core Distribution Inc. which handles Xtend & Climb. I left a message late Friday afternoon and they called me back Saturday morning (I was impressed!). She sent me the following information on maintaining telescoping ladders and said this applies to all telescoping ladders, not just Xtend & Climb.

Xtend the Life of the Ladder.pdf (638.6 KB)





I clean and spray mine every few months.

also be sure to leave them open and dry all the sections after they get wet.

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Never used pledge wipe on my Telesteps, but sprayed and wiped the stile sections regularly with PTFE.

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That seem to work pretty well, Chuck? Where did you get it?

Sure. PTFE is the same thing as Dupont Teflon. Should be able to get it at any auto supply store or Amazon.

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I tried using PTFE on mine and it started sticking. I contacted them and they said to never use that but to use pure silicon.

That’s what I used and didn’t have a problem…wipe them down after use once in a while and extend and re-apply silicone…maybe once every 2 months or so…is what I did.