The tale of two cities right or wrong

Home constructed in 2009 two panels in the garage fed from a meter base on the opposite side of the wall in one AHJ these panels are correct and in another AHJ they are wrong some times it get confusing for us old farts

2825 Chelsea Ct Enid 12-13-11 024.jpg

2825 Chelsea Ct Enid 12-13-11 022.jpg

2825 Chelsea Ct Enid 12-13-11 019.jpg

That second panel is wrong no matter what the AHJ says.

Unless I am not understanding your typical cryptic post. :wink:

Show us the outside.

OK nothing to hide

2825 Chelsea Ct Enid 12-13-11 018.jpg

So the building really does lack a single disconnect that removes all power and an AHJ is OK with that?

The left panel has a main at the bottom and the right panel has a back-fed 100 main at the top. Am I missing something obvious?

Yipper and also the double lugging on neutral and grounds no isolation of neutrals and ground. I think the AHJ is a plumber:shock::wink: I personally called and talked with the inspector

no problem in having more than one equipment grounding conductor under one screw.

I see nothing wrong myself

The lack of isolation was my first concern.

Since both of these panel contain service disconnects and are therefore service panels, the neutral must be bonded to the enclosure and both neutrals and EGC’s can be terminated on the bus.

I agree with RM, these are two service panels. I don’t see any doubled neutrals and the grounding conductors can be doubled as long as same size and material.

I generally call it like the AHJ requires for a given city unless I am in Bohunk.
Two cities I inspect in one requires neutrals and grounds to be isolated and one per screw only the other city is as in the pics. I did not see a back feed on the 100 amp breaker it was being fed directly from the meter base as was the other panel. I did not open the meter base as it was sealed and I don’t break meter seals

My comment was just to note the difference between two AHJ’s what they require

So you’re saying that there are local codes that affect this installation? Under the NEC it’s compliant.

Charley, the NEC rule is one neutral per terminal and this is echoed in the installation instructions for the panel. Unused holes can be used for multiple grounding conductors by the instructions.

Yes I am saying two different AHJ’s are interrupting their own version of the NEC

I hate when they do that. :roll: