The truth from within Melbourne. Are local chapters worth it?

I went to the mini convention all days.

I met some awesome people and even got a couple of hugs and a kiss from Nick…for some reason when it was happening I think he called me Fredo?

Great people and great time and was put on without a hitch and ran smoother than a babies bottom.

From the top down Nachi puts a ton of effort in the education of the inspector and its members.

I just want to share a couple of stories and to tell you and let you decide if chapters are worth it.

There is a guy named Bruce Graham and I had the priviledge of meeting this quiet, kind guy about a year ago. He looked tired back then, a little gruff, and just seemed to be stressed. You should see the guy now! Business is doing very well, he had some pep to his step and just looked a ton better. I asked how his business was doing and with a huge smile he didn’t even have to answer, but confidently said he was doing well with a nice stream of inspections.

When it came time to give for legislative affairs he was the first to reach in his pocket and remove a nice crisp $100 bill and throw it in the hat. Just the kind of guy he is and I am honored to be his friend and also very happy the inspection business has a taken a turn for the better and his dilligence has paid off. Congrats Bruce!

Story #2 - There is a guy out of West Palm named Preston Halstead. This gentleman came to a meeting and he listens well and is very quiet kind person. He listened to John Shishilla tell people about Wind Mitigation Inspections and a way to fill in your dead time with these. Well here is a relatively new guy that now “fills” in his dead time with about $5,000 a month in doing wind mits while growing an inspection business to a multi inspector firm.

These stories are the result of a person starting a chapter, having a handle on it, having a passion for it, and with a willingness to give to others without asking for anything in return. For that, I am blessed to have John and Michelle Shishilla not only as my board members of my chapter, but to also call them friends.

These are just 2 of numerous stories I could tell you…just wanted to share

This was not just us it has taken a group effort!

Russ has shared some of his great business tips with all of us. He is leading our peer review and mentoring program without hesitation. Giving time, money and expertise.

Larry Losciale has has been a political and by-laws adviser/author since the beginning.

Aubrey Kahn has taken on InterNachi Nickels to help other inspectors in need.

Greg Bell has taken the reigns on the legislative front and is making sure we are heard.

Others have volunteered time and money. Some have traveled to Tallahassee. Like Preston Halstead, Jay Murray and Milton Felton.

The InterNachi staff including Mack, Ron, Dennis, Paige, Ben and Nick. Not only did they support with advertising, lots of free stuff and spend time to educate, but travel for a day to get there and home.

Last I must say, Michelle did pull it all together. That takes lots of organization, time and stress.

Finally, None of this works without each piece no matter how minor.
Thanks to all who helped.

Don’t forget Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson!!

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**The truth from within Melbourne. Are local chapters worth it?
HELL YEAH! BOOYAH! (Inside comment!) :wink: