The Truth

For those interested and who also get Cable News Network, Glenn Beck is airing a one hour special blowing the lid off this “man made global warming” sham. Apparently it is so explosive that Al Gore has been working behind the scenes trying to get it stopped for fear of what it will do to his drive for the White House ( God help us!):shock:

The special airs on Wednesday night at 7:00 and 9:00 P.M ( East coast time).

That’s got to be one impressive special. I mean really, to totally explain away the concerns of some of the worlds most eminent scientists in an hour?

Wow, this I have got to see!!:roll:

GLOBAL WARMING??? Tell that to us up here in Ontario last month freezing all our cojones off!

Glenn Beck, my hero :roll:

Wow. I wasn’t expecting that Jason! Maybe there is hope for you yet. :mrgreen:

jwortham1 - The “Gorites” have had a long time to get their story straight ( they still haven’t) so I don’t really expect all the answers in one hour. Perhaps food for thought for those who are capable ?