The US dollar is a scam. Get out (spend them on hard assets).

As I predicted, it is collapsing and they are printing hundreds of billions more. Even your local bank doesn’t want them from you and won’t pay you any interest if you seek to lend them to your bank (save). Savers getting slaughtered. Dollars will be worth 25 cents pretty soon.

The wealthy could do their part in redistribution of wealth, and retaining the value of the dollar. Rather than donate millions of dollars to foreign countries and charities, simply burn the money. Less in circulation

Screaming fire is a good way to help your investment but not good for the country.
If things get that bad your gold will not protect you.

How would “screaming fire help my investment?”
I don’t understand.

There will be losers (savers of dollars), break-eveners (spenders who bought hard assets) and winners (borrowers who bought hard assets).

Dang that would mean my Canuk Pension would go up 75 % .