The van helps you to not forget your tools

I mentioned this in another thread but thought I’d share it. Check out the Tool Link feature on this van. If you forget your tools the van tells you that all of your tools aren’t loaded. 25 mpg and lots of cargo room. On board PC with wireless keyboard. Kinda fugly but I’m liking it.

I saw one yesterday but did not know who made it or what it was. It was a company van for the Power Company. I passed it and made a mental note to look it up. I am surprised it only get 25 mpg. I get about 20 with my SuperCrew but then I had to tweek it a little.

ive seen a few of those running around here. Dont remember what company is using them though

This is one of the vehicles I have been looking at. Drives pretty good.

I like those, but the height would make it difficult to park in downtown garages around here.

Now if it could tell me which tool, and where I left it, they’d have something there!

I’ve been eyeballing these myself.

I myself have been leaning towards a Critter Gitter

“Critter Gitter” is that Arizonan for “picking up chicks” :smiley:

Nice rig!!! :smiley:

The Ford Van looks good but there doesn’t look like enough room for advertising.