The Vegas conference

I came Saturday night and leave Tuesday. Yesterday should have been called Mike Crow day. He was there the entire time and chimed in often.

As usual he had some nuggets of information to be used. But the entire day? There were times of him not speaking. But for the most part it was him. Almost like they wanted to have a marketing day, but didn’t have the people to fill it.

The sponsors are great with a ton of offerings. The discounts I get on the items I need will pay for my trip. The people I meet and the relationships I make will far benefit me more than the money spent.

All in all, not a bad trip and worth the money.

Today should be good…two inspectors doing an actual inspection on front of 200 other inspectors … I bet than dry ran through this 200 times…I know I would!

Yeah 200 critics watching so they should get it right.
Just hope it is relevant.

Suckers lol the be ground in the carpet

So Russell do you get a lot of great and useful info from Crow? Does he have any new and original Ideas to help you out? Or is it more like obvious stuff that most really should know? Or stuff he took from other seasoned inspectors like you and turn it around to look like they are his Ideas?


Who? this guy ?



Must have made a killing this weekend!

When you get home look forward to being served. :stuck_out_tongue:




Heading out to bulk up for Holdem but got to get the New York style slice here.

Mike posed for that picture and I think he aw the image,pretty sure,maybe,kinda sure ,I think.Ooops.
That was at the 2011 convention anyway.:slight_smile:

Good sport at least.