The Washington Post links to InterNACHI's Standards in a story about home inspectors.

Great free advertising Nick. and they didn’t mention that little ashi club rather…:slight_smile:

“The takeaway here for you: As a seller, be aware of the standards of practice for inspectors. A good source is InterNACHI ( As a buyer, search for certified or state-licensed inspectors with solid references who will fairly and accurately report what you need to know about the house — not what you don’t.”

I also have been in the Washngton post thus indirectly taking people to my site which is plastered with NACHI all over it.

**Jim Keilson , Maryland Home Inspection Services – Washington Post **](

“Jim Keilson, president of Maryland Home Inspection Services, said he has tested homes and commercial buildings for radon for more than a decade, and he considers radon levels above 4 pCi/L troubling. “The safe zone is under 4,” he said. “It was set by the EPA.””

Got to love it :slight_smile: