The water heater was relocated??

465 Brian Ave 014.jpg

Imagine that, this home was listed as “like new” in the MLS

465 Brian Ave 014.jpg

465 Brian Ave 014.jpg

465 Brian Ave 014.jpg

Did you write up the water lines over the panel?

Looks like the washer is set up to go under the panel.

I suspect they had to relocate the WH, so they could upgrade the panel.

Looks like they went from gas water heater to electric. The old vent should probably be sealed up as well.

How is that pex suspended in mid air like that.
Any bracket requirements ?

Why would you?

They are not above the footprint of the panel or in the required working space.

I’m not saying it’s pretty but at most you would only have to put a spacier behind the pip to get it away from the wall in front of the panel.

It sure does look like harry home owner did the job.

Support requirements here ---->

This was only one of the many, many problems with the “remodel”. They did not hook up the drain from the kitchen sink to the main drain under the home, just minor flooding in the crawl. They also forgot to run power to the disposal, ground the GFCI receptacle in the kitchen and put the extension on the TPR valve. As for the electric upgrade, what good is the new 200 amp panel with the original 1957 service wire?